Thursday, July 14, 2011

Update 8: The Finish!

Our valiant riders had a sunny, pleasant day to descend Poudre Canyon, with only some sprinkles on the plains.

Veteran 1200k randonneur Ron Himschott is full of pep and vinegar even at the finish:

And yes, some folks clumped up and rode together at times.

Here are George Hiscox, John Flanigan (in a great sartorial choice, a Last Chance jersey), Ashton Lambie, James McKee, and Ian Shopland:

The Olsen Brothers, Mark and Bill, did not disappoint, heading straight to the banquet:

In the end, it's all about the riders - and hopefully you've had a great experience - and the volunteers, who've in many cases made the difference in your rides!

Multi-1200k finisher Irene Takahashi (of the Steamboat Springs overnight) drove back, slept a bit, and then pitched in at boisterous finish in Louisville:

We look forward to your photos and stories ... and thanks for joining us on a rewarding mountain adventure!


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