Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pre-Ride Day 4: Cameron Pass - Poudre Canyon - Louisville Finish!

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We push off later the final morning - 4:35am -  the faintest light already ringing the horizon - if nothing else, to see the moose that might be standing in the road before we get too close.

First sun hits the Never Summer Range:

We've just seen an elk in a meadow
and a pair of white-tailed deer (not common in Colorado) jumping the road in front of us.

Here are more wildflowers, which we saw outbound, but were whizzing past too quickly to photograph:

The "real" four-mile climb to Cameron Pass begins:

Near the summit, a scenic view of a snowy couloir (I think):

The pass is still in shadow, but we've been warmed by sun on the way up:

Foon stops for a bite in the warming sun (temps in the 30's):

And now it's back to the rushing Poudre River, buoyed by a tailwind:

Most dramatic at the Poudre Narrows (just past the Narrows Campground):

After giant cinnamon rolls at Vern's in LaPorte, we are fortified for the toasty final miles.
We encounter Boulder County cyclists, out for their brief but high-performance outings.
We try to appear fresh.

It's actually only 99┬║

We have enjoyed this ride immensely and hope you will, too!


Other Segments: Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3

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