Monday, July 11, 2011

Update 3: Monday's Conditions

These threatening looking colors below belie a fairly docile and beneficent day for our riders.  The storms that built up later in the day were, as per previous days, most intense here on the Front Range, which the riders escaped during the dry and sunny conditions earlier on.

Have a look west of Ft. Collins and Cheyenne to see where riders spent the latter part of today:

Riders reported some showers at Cameron Pass, but conditions at Walden have been dry, and Saratoga has enjoyed blue skies with puffy cumulus this afternoon.

All our riders have made good progress today, and why not?  With brilliant scenery up the Poudre, tasty snacks at Walden, and at Saratoga the aroma of two gourmet soups (which as I write the earlier riders are already enjoying), it's so far been a moveable feast which hopefully all the riders are relishing!


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