Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update 5: Tuesday Evening

On the whole a good second day for our intrepid riders!  Despite a soggy weather forecast, weather over the Snowy Range and through Laramie was dry.  A few showers on Rabbit Ears Pass for earlier riders, and more of a spirited storm with hail sweeping through Walden towards evening.

As before, the violent storms have stayed east, on the Plains, around Cheyenne, south of Denver, and east:

There are many seasoned riders on the CHC 1200 - some faster, some more measured - and their progress both today and yesterday has been impressive!

Five riders had to abandon earlier in the day, and two later on.  For each individual, it's a disappointing outcome, each for his/her own reasons.  It's encouraging that they made it so far, and hopefully enjoyed the great scenery.  And so far a great "continuing" (and hopefully finishing) rate on this challenging ride.

One abandonn√©e, Peggy Petty of Texas, jumped in to help out the event with Linda Metcalfe, and were, according to Jim Kraychy, invaluable in helping feed the voracious randos descending on Walden this afternoon.  Thank you, Peggy and Linda!

As night falls, the precip is abating, and it looks like a quiet night for those still out on the course sailing to Steamboat.

A big thanks to Jim Kraychy, who's staffed the Walden transit control for Monday and Tuesday, and to Rick and Sherrie Isham, who staffed the Saratoga control, and bore the brunt of hungry riders arriving and departing!


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