Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update 4: Tuesday Morning Report

All the riders had cleared Walden yesterday by 5:45, and with that, Jim Kraychy reported: "All riders accounted for through Checkpoint #4.  Nothing but crumbs left in their passing wake. The kitchen is bare. Will make another trip to the grocery store tomorrow AM."  Good to see the riders upholding true rando values in the nutrition department!

This morning, most riders left Saratoga for the Snowy Range between 2:30 and 4:15am, given themselves plenty of time to face (and enjoy) what should be the toughest day.
More photos from Catherine Shenk ...
Jim Solanick gets ready to start his 21st (?) 1200k:

Toshi Nemoto on his first 1200k!

 Bill Olsen on his third 1200k for the year:

John Flanigan and others at the secret control:

Ron Himschoot


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