Thursday, July 21, 2016

Riders at the Finish!

Riders finished from late morning to mid-evening of Thursday, July 14.
Here they are!

Rando legend Ken Bonner toasts his fifty-first 1200k finish with lemonade.
- Catherine Shenk photo

This is local rando Josh Horwood's first 1200k!

Also the first 1200k for John Mathias,
who went off to ride a 50-mile gravel event in Kansas with his daughter after CHC.

John's wife Celeste helped us immensely!

Mike Sturgill, a CHC veteran!

Jason Turner - first 1200k!

Barry Schwartz

Micah Fritzinger

Eric Williams - after riding Texas Rando Stampede in May

Ed Boltz

Gavin Beibuyck

Kieran Johnson

Dave Nelson

Paul Toigo

Edward Bennett

Callista Phillips

Spencer Klaassen - first CHC rider on fixie/single-speed

Gary DelNero and wife Sara, who was a great help!

Braulio Souza and Roberto Trevisan from Brazil:
Roberto rode the Last Chance 1200 some years ago!

Rod Geisert and Mike Turek

Dave Thompson, 
fresh from the Cascade 1200 three weeks before

Robert Sexton, Brian Feinberg, Aloar Porcher (from Brazil)

Congratulations to all the finishers,
and thanks to all the riders for joining us!


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