Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Few Images from CHC'16!

1. Weather (wind) forecast for event, Walden, CO. [NWS]

2. Cameron Pass 10,276 ft. [JLE]

3. Beaver Creek wildfire near Wyoming. [JLE]

4. Paul Foley and Vernon Smith heading into Saratoga, WY. [JLE]

5. Paul Foley and Vernon Smith heading into Saratoga, WY. [JLE]

6. Snowy Range in Wyoming, 10,800 ft. [JLE]

7. Camp store at Woods Landing, WY [JLE]

8. Grand Lake [JLE]

9. Pre-Dawn heading to Cameron Pass from Walden [JLE]

10. Early miles in Boulder County. [JLE]

11. Boulder County pre-dawn - smoke plume from wildfire. [JLE]

12. Large group in Larimer County. [JLE]

13. Kieran Johnson [JLE]

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