Thursday, July 14, 2016

Day 4: Cameron Pass and Poudre Canyon Descent

Today our riders head down Poudre Canyon after a final climb, up the west side of Cameron Pass.

Yesterday, once again, they faced windy conditions coming into North Park from Willow Creek Pass.

Today started with a success story, as Vadim Gritsus completed his 1000k with moments to spare!
He joins Kris Jones, the other 1000k rider, with a successful finish.

Here is Vadim in Walden, courtesy of Corinne Warren, chef-de-contrĂ´le and esteemed CHC volunteer coordinator.

Josh Horwood at the finish line!
This is Josh's first 1200k.

Brent and Beth - dropbag transit, and so much more!

CHC cake featuring Cameron Pass

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