Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Steamboat - Gore Pass - Willow Creek - Walden

A brief recap of the third stage for our riders, 181 miles over Gore Pass and Willow Creek Pass to finish in Walden.  Another brilliant, sunny day, with a few gusty winds and cumulo-nimbus in the afternoon but generally fine riding!

I was able to see and talk with most of the riders at Willow Creek Pass, who were all smiles (perhaps because they were at the top of the pass).  I'll post more of the pictures later.  Just a couple here ...

Jimmy Williams, Mark Thomas, and Dave Campbell pose astride the Continental Divide at Willow Creek Pass.

Ken Bonner is in a good mood after a good climb.

The rustic cabins of the North Park Inn greet riders in Walden.

Volunteer Pat Heller posts rider times and hands out rooms.

Volunteer Tammie Nakamura has a mirthful moment.

More later!


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