Thursday, June 10, 2021

A couple rooms to be released at Walden

The CHC team will be releasing a couple of extra rooms at Walden tonight or tomorrow.  I will be away the next couple of days, but our team should be posting to the blog when that happens to let you know.


Stage-by-Stage RWGPS Routes

Chris Argo has split up the CHC route into a collection of RWGPS routes (thanks, Chris!). This way you can download individual stages, making them easier to manage in your device.

There is also a link on the CHC homepage under "2021 Route".


Wednesday, June 9, 2021

A couple of rooms extra at Walden

We've tallied our rooms at Walden, and have a couple of extra (since some riders picked the not-lodging-included option). Before we release the rooms tomorrow, June 10, we're offering them as "upgrades" to single-occupancy, first come, first serve.  The total event fee will be $500, so the upgrade would be $100 from the double-occupancy option, and $270 from the no-lodging option. 

  1. Send me an email with your request.
  2. Send the add-on fee needed via PayPal to
  • Include your name in the Notes section.
  • See that "Paying for an item or service" is marked/indicated when they 'Send Payment Now'.
Deadline is today, June 9.

If we've already filled the upgrade rooms, we'll let you know and refund your extra fee.


Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Rooms Release and COVID/Vaccine Policy

Rooms Release - We are planning to release extra rooms that we have reserved at the North Park Inn in Walden on Thursday, June 10. This is near the deadline after which they will charge us for all the rooms we've reserved, so this is our last chance to free up rooms we do not need.

When we have done that, we will post on this blog, and on the CHC Google Group. This is for any of you not who did not choose the lodging-included option, and were waiting on a chance to book at North Park Inn.

♦ ♦ ♦

COVID/Vaccine Rooming Policy - From the start in planning the High Country, our philosophy has been that the virus and vaccination situation would evolve in ways we couldn't predict, and also each individual's attitude and situation. So we've left it up to each rider to decide whether this event made sense for them. (That is given that we would have protocols in place for food handling, gathering at the overnight checkpoint, etc. - more on that to come.)

So this is our policy for assigning rooms, if you've chosen the CHC lodging option:

  • We will assign rooms in Walden the first evening, and you may keep your room for the three nights in Walden, unless some special situation means some folks need to be relocated.
  • If you and another rider have decided to room together, you can tell us before the ride or when you arrive in Walden, so we can assign you the same room (whether or not you arrive at the same time).
  • Otherwise, you will be assigned the next room available when you arrive that first evening ... except that if you are COVID-19 vaccinated, you may request to room with another vaccinated rider. At least in the US, the vaccine is now plentiful (and free), so it's a good assumption that riders who've wanted to be vaccinated now have been.
Please feel free to contact me or other staff members with any concerns or questions!


Monday, May 31, 2021

Jerseys and Vests - 5/31 Deadline Reminder

 A reminder that May 31 (today) is the final day to order a CHC jersey or vest to be received by July 9.

Jersey + Vest Order Info (and Voler link)


Monday, May 17, 2021

Info for Riders and Route Updated

 We've updated:

  • Info for Riders - to bring things up to 2021 - no major changes, mainly adapting the services and ride details sections to the route changes.
  • Route - Checkpoints and services added, minor route changes. A few checkpoints are different from previous editions of CHC.

for the CHC Team

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

CHC Jerseys & Vests Available!

We've set up ordering for High Country jerseys and vests! 

Something new this year: there will be two ordering deadlines. Order by May 31 and you should have your item(s) in advance of the event. So please considering making an early order. 

For more details, see our Jersey/Vest Info Page.

View and Order Here