Monday, July 19, 2021

CHC'21 Day 4 - Finish and Thanks!

Most riders left Walden this final time a bit later than in years past, 5am to 7am, rather then around 4:00. But the third day this year had been longer, and conditions difficult.

That meant that many of them were delayed by the closure of Hwy. 14 in Poudre Canyon, due to a motor vehicle accident west of Mishiwaka and Stove Prairie Road. But cyclists were allowed through (while motorists had to wait hours or detour via Red Feather Lakes).

♦ ♦ ♦

Waiting at the finish was this inspirational cake, provided by Beth Long, who also did behind-the-scenes organizing. (The cake went quickly.)  Thanks, Beth!

Before a sampling of happy finishers, a huge thanks to our wonderful volunteers, who accumulated many accolades from riders!

Paul Foley, Lane Parker (supporting one of the riders), 
Kerin Huber (our friend and Los Angeles RBA),
Brent Myers, Vernon Smith, and Jim Howell.
- - -
Foon Feldman not shown, and Beth Long shown below.
- - -
ALSO: spouses of riders: Kyrsten Bell, who among other things gave shelter to riders on Gore Pass, and saved the ride for more than one ride, and Tonya Klem, who for example supported riders at Wood's Landing in canyon-funneled headwinds  Thank you!

♦ ♦ ♦

Metin Uz successfully conquered the CHC
on his fixie (first ever).

Beth Long and Paul Foley

Erin Witter bikes home to Broomfield.
A fitting end to his 1200k.

♦ ♦ ♦

Thanks to everyone who joined us on this ride, and again to our superb volunteers!


Sunday, July 18, 2021

CHC'21 Day 2 - Snowy Range Pass!

Day 2 started off fine, with riders heading off in cheerful groups mainly in the 4am-5am time range.

But there were headwinds to follow, starting with the rollers after Saratoga heading up to the Snowy Range climb. Then blustery weather on Snowy Range Pass. Then a thunderstorm with pea-sized hail heading into Laramie. Then a punishing headwind on the way back to Walden.

Volunteers' lodging at the familiar Blue House at North Park Inn.

Paul Foley and others made a succession of impromptu signposts to the actual Walden HQ
at the small but sprawling North Park Inn.

Volunteer extraordinaire Brent Myers gives a friendly smile.

Brent transported folks' drop bags out to Walden in this trailer.
He still found time for a mountain bike ride near Walden in between waves of riders.
Thank you, Brent!

♦ ♦ ♦

It is rolling and open on the way to Saratoga, Wyoming.
It's a net downhill, but with some climbs that get your attention.
Still plenty of haze and murk in the atmosphere!

At the summit of one of the ridges is where we'd had a support point in years past, when this segment was at the end of the day, with warmer temps and riders needing hydration.

In Encampment, the Mangy Moose continues to be a local watering hole.

♦ ♦ ♦

I spent some time at the Snowy Range summit,
here across from scenic Lake Marie.

Jay Fichialos

Then I moved closer to the pass, at a trailhead and the pass itself. I could watch riders rounding the final bend up to the pass.
Ian Hands

Jack Nicholson

Charlie Martin and John Klem

Mike Sturgill

Bundling up for a blustery descent!

Mike Turek declaring vistory!

Erin Witter, Mike Turek, Bill Dussler, Dustin Harding

Sarah Stolz

Randos gathering at the Friendly Store, 
Centennial, Wyo., at foot of descent

Yes, some hail for the riders toward the front.

John and Tonya Klem
taking shelter in store Laramie.
Tonya is about to head to Wood's Landing
to support the riders.

♦ ♦ ♦

Riders would then face stiff headings, channeled by the canyon climb past Wood's Landing, and then persistent heading into Walden.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

CHC'21 Day 1 - Arriving in Walden

 Most riders got in early evening on this shorter stage.

Steve Kenny

Russ Dorobek and Ian Hands
being checked in by Kerin Huber

Metin Uz and his fixie

Jason Turner of Unicorn Cycles
with unicorn-oriented dessert

Sarah Stolz

Mike Turek and Pascal Ledru

Chris Ngo's latest bike creation

A peaceful end to the day

CHC'21 Day 1 - Ride Start and Poudre Canyon!

Great starting conditions, 50's, and 43 riders are on their way!

By late morning, riders had started the 57-mile climb up Poudre Canyon.

Vernon Smith offering official support
on a warm climb.

  Jeff Newberry

Dustin Harding

--- At Cameron Pass, 10,276 ft. ---

John Klem

Jay Fichialos

Russ Dorobek

Ian Hands

Mike Sturgill

A few sprinkles, and plenty of black flies at the summit!