Monday, July 7, 2014

Some of our Route Checkout!

Pat and I checked out segments of the CHC route over the July 4th weekend.  We had a great time ... but were envious of you!  We drove up US-287 through Laramie, the 2012 route, but you will be taking the easier route - eastbound - over the Snowy Range.

In the Big Hollow, a treeless expanse west of Laramie, you cross the historic Overland Trail.  You may wish to veer off for a pause to look at this plaque as you whiz down from Centennial to Laramie.

At the base of the descent from (climb for us to) the Snowy Range, is Centennial, home to the Friendly Store, with friendly folks, with items to buy, and fragrant and restorative breakfast in the cafe, which you might consider!

It's wildflower season in the high country!  These alpine blooms grow only in certain places, and in this case with a nice snowy backdrop.

Perhaps you will be able to pause a moment at the Snowy Range high points to take a look.

It's 64º here (summery temps) at above 10,000 ft. near noon, later than you may be passing.  Here is Pat Heller, our esteemed volunteer coordinator - whom you will see on the course - expert birder and on the lookout for some interesting species.

The road between Walden and Saratoga offers vast vistas, but more climbing than you'd think, over a ridge that gives you quite a view, on the way downhill to Saratoga.

North Park, the plateau at 9,000 ft. which you will be visiting as you pass through Walden, is surprisingly scenic, with lots of water and marshland.  That's what makes it a favorite of moose, which you may see, and the site of the Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge.

And yes, we did see some moose - this one at Cameron Pass.  You may, too!


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