Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Event Procedures - Read Carefully

These procedures cover:
  • Check-In and Inspection
  • Ride Start
  • Bagdrop Locations and Controls
  • Ride Finish
  • Après-Finish Dinner

Check-In and Inspection will be 4:00 - 5:30pm on Sunday 10 July at the Quality Inn in Louisville. If this time will not work for you, please let me know in advance.  Time will be limited at the ride start, so only limited inspections and packet hand-out can be accommodated.

For inspection, you will need to show your:
  • lighting system mounted on bike and backup lighting system,
  • reflective gear for your bike and yourself (legbands and reflective vest or equivalent)
  • dropbag (no need to fill it - just show it's within size limits)
I will hand out rider packets including brevet card, helmet number, and cue sheet. After inspection, you may wish to join other riders for dinner at a neighboring restaurant - there are several within walking distance.

Ride Start
Sign in between 3am-3:30am at the Quality Inn.   Deposit your drop bags at the front of the motel. As in years past, the Quality Inn staff is making provisions to store guests' bicycle bags and other luggage during the event.

En Route

Overnight Accommodations & Bagdrops - The controls at Saratoga, Steamboat Springs, and Walden provide motel-room accommodations and dropbag availability during periods:

  • Saratoga: evening of July 11 to morning of July 12 (day 1-2)
  • Steamboat Springs evening of July 12 to morning of July 13 (day 2-3)
  • Walden: evening of July 13 to morning of July 14 (day 3-4)

Dropbags and rooms will be available starting late afternoon.  Dropbags will be transported to the next location early morning.  Volunteers will assign you to a room.  They will try to accommodate rooming with certain other riders, but that's not guaranteed.

Food will be available in a common area.  There will be evening items and then breakfast items in the morning including items to take with you.

Walden Transit Control - The Walden control will also be staffed parts of July 11 and 12 for riders transiting Walden outbound to Saratoga and heading to Steamboat Springs.  There will be some food and drink.

Sign-In/Sign-OutIMPORTANT - When you arrive in Saratoga, Steamboat Springs, and Walden, sign in on the sheet provided. Then remember also to sign out when you leave, whether your stay is half an hour or overnight. This allows us to keep track of the riders and post rider progress on the website, for those following the event. You also must have your brevet card validated by staff.

Unstaffed Checkpoints and Texting – Checkpoints mentioning a store or "Any Store" or "Any Establishment" have no event staff: have any store clerk note your time of passage and initial the card or, if during the night when all establishments in the town are closed, note your own time (should not occur).   You may optionally send a text when you transit an unstaffed control - this lets us and those following the event keep better track of your progress during the day.  Text to 720-295-8751 and include:
  • Location of checkpoint (e.g., Laramie)
  • Your name  (and optionally of those riding with you)
  • Time of Passage

Ride Finish

Finish is at the Quality Inn.  We'll be there starting mid-afternoon until dinnertime (see below).  If you finish when there is no event staff present,  have motel staff validate your finishing time, and retain your card.  Give it to an event official at the dinner or during the time the finish line is staffed, or contact us.

Drop Bags will be available starting Thursday afternoon at the Quality Inn.

Après-Finish Dinner
We've made our traditional arrangements at Carrabbas Italian Grill, in the next block north of the motel, starting 7:00pm on Thursday. Attendees pay their own way. Mention the Rocky Mountain Cycling Club as the group you're with.  Their back room has been reserved.  If we run out of room there, you can ask for a table in the main dining area. In past years, everyone's had a great time!

Jerseys and Vests
Jerseys and Vests are scheduled to be produced and delivered in September.  You may order through July 19.
Bonne Route!


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