Thursday, May 5, 2011

Revised Qualifying Policy!

Some riders from more northerly climes have had difficulty scheduling all their qualifying rides to complete by June 5.  So here's the revised policy:
  • You must complete all but one of your qualifying rides by June 5.  (It is still preferred that you complete them all by that date.)
  • If you will not complete qualifying by June 5, e-mail me requesting an extension for the final qualifying ride (as a few of you have done).
  • Regardless, by June 5 or a couple days after, e-mail me the documentation for the qualifying rides you've completed to date.
  • When you send qualifying info, if any of your results have not been posted on the RUSA website, send a link to a local results page, or have the organizer (RBA) send me a note certifying your finish.
  • If you've arranged with me to ride your final qualifying ride in June, e-mail me the documentation that you finished as soon after the event as possible.
Why this procedure?  To avoid the situation where a rider fails to qualify at the last minute, but folks on the waiting list have too little time to take advantage of an open slot: we want to accommodate as many qualified riders as possible.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Happy training and qualifying!


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